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I used to think if I caught 10 to 20 fish on a spinnerbait, then that was a really good spinnerbait and it didn’t owe me anything. I couldn’t even try to guess at how many fish I’ve caught on, and Keitechs I’ve put on, that Gem Blade in the picture. The wire still feels strong. I can’t believe it hasn’t broke. One eye on the head has been gone for a few weeks. The ribs, or ridges, on head are falling apart from fighting fish and having so many Keitechs slid on and taken off. The blades are well past their prime after I’ve banged them into countless rocks and bushes. I do not own many “retired” baits, but this Gem Blade is now one of them. It caught way more than its share of fish, and for that, I honestly thank you, Gayle. And thank you to every single person at Jewel Bait Co. for striving to design and build the best products on today’s fishing market. You guys do the hard work so people like me can escape the stress from the daily grind and enjoy the feeling that there is a good chance of a fish of a lifetime on the next cast. You guys are the BEST!
- Justin


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