Jewel - A lesson learned from surgical tool precision

Serious anglers can recognize at first glance that Jewel Bait Company products aren’t your typical jigs. That’s because the company’s innovation, attention to detail and precision design and manufacturing set us apart from the pack. The combination didn’t happen by accident.

Founder Gayle Julian was originally in the medical manufacturing business, but also stayed busy making homemade fishing jigs with the same level of preciseness given the surgical tools. In 1989, when the demands from his fellow workers and bass club members for his creations had become too much to handle by himself, he decided to turn his hobby into a business and Jewel Bait Company was born.

Today, Jewel jigs are manufactured in the company-owned KG Enterprise manufacturing facility in Mountain Home, Arkansas. KG Enterprise designs lures on a computer and then uses its proprietary $100,000 milling center to build its own molds out of high grade aircraft aluminum to the kind of precision for which Jewel baits have become known. Most other companies rely on rubber molds which tend to churn out jigs that frequently vary in size and shape. “So we have a higher level of precision than anybody else in the industry,” says Julian.

Jewel products are also made using only the highest grade of lead available. It comes directly from Doe Run Smelters, and Julian says it is “99.94 percent pure lead.” “We re-melt it and add in another substance to get it to the desired weight and hardness to meet our specifications. So we have a mold that is precise, a molding process that uses pure lead, and a mixing procedure that delivers repeatable weights and hardness. Jewel products are consistent day in and day out as a result.”

Anglers across the nation have relied on the consistency and quality of Jewel jigs to win tournaments ranging from local derbies to national circuit events. BASS Elite Series anglers Stephen Browning, Kevin Short, Scott Rook and Jeff Kriet are always top contenders in their events, while FLW pro Larry Nixon always has to be reckoned with in every tournament he enters. During an anonymous survey of Elite Series anglers, Jewel jigs were ranked fourth among the top 10 lures the pros said they had to have while practicing or competing in a tournament.

Without a doubt, Jewel jigs have played a role in wins at every level of bass fishing competition, and continues to do so during every season. Guess you can say we’re often the “Jewel in the crown” of champion anglers everywhere.