Virtus/Jewel Red Diamond Rods (Cork)


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Best rod I’ve ever used! I got the 6’10” tube/senko spinning rod. It is by far more sensitive than any rod I’ve ever used. Balance and fit/finish is top notch.
- Kohlby
I have a wide assortment of rods in the rod box ranging from Megabass, St Croix, G Loomis, and more. This is by far the lightest and most sensitive rod in my arsenal. I didn’t think the fishing industry offered a better rod at a reasonable price than a St Croix Avid X, but Jewel has something special. If you’re looking for a high quality component rod, handmade in The USA give them a shot. You’ll be 100% satisfied.
- Justin
I love my Virtus/Jewel rods. The spinning rods are light, versatile, and durable, and there is a rod for any technique you may choose. From a Jewel Pee Wee football jig to a rod for a 1/2 ounce spinnerbait for someone that may not be able to throw a bait caster; these rods can do it all. The bait casting poles are second to none. Each rod is built specifically to provide a perfect rod for any situation. My favorite is the 7’ 6” flipping stick. It is the perfect mix of extreme light weight, ultra sensitivity, and plenty of backbone to land big fish in the heaviest cover. Pick up a Virtus/Jewel rod; I am glad I did.
- Aaron Hodge
I got the Wart/Crawler rod in January. I fished it from prespawn to post spawn in Louisiana. I stared with wiggle warts and rock crawlers in 12ft. I was amazed how light the rod was. You feel everything with this rod. I then started throwing the chick magnet on it and was super happy with the action. The action of this rod allows you to simply pull into the fish. I never lost a bass that hit a bait tied on to it. I am experimenting with other ways to use this rod as we move into the summer months because I don’t want to put it up until later in the year. This is a must have rod!!!!!
- Chris mcdonald
I’ve had or tried about rod manufacturer out there. The Virtus rods are hands down the most sensitive and well balanced rods I’ve used. Definitely hit a home run with them.
- Crawford


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